Tuesday, 14 April 2015

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo & Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Conditioner Review

Superdrug: £5.99 each
I dyed my hair blonde not too long ago, and as anyone who have had blonde hair before knows (unless you're naturally blonde) in order to maintain this colour, you'd have to use blonde shampoo and conditioner/toner to make sure it doesn't go brassy.

This was the first time I went blonde (my hair colour after will turn out brighter), so in terms of what brand or what I need to maintain it was a mystery to me, but the internet always helps you with that :) I wanted my hair to stay the way I dyed it or even better become lighter, which is why I opted for the lightening shampoo instead.

It claims to "gradually lighten", however I didn't personally notice the colour difference. According to my friends my hair seemed different and asked whether I've actually dyed my hair again, so I guess it makes some kind of difference. It's yellowy with a hint of metallic in it. The smell of this product is citrusy but not so overwhelming that you'd get paranoid about your hair smelling like lemons all day as it eventually wears off. I found this shampoo very drying, like my hair is already absolutely fried from the damage I do to it, but this product made it worse. Whilst I like the scent of this, it made it harder to wash my hair due to my hair being dried out. 

As a conditioner its job to moisturise your hair was utter crap. My hair was still quite drying from the shampoo (I use the shampoo alongside this) and using this hoping that it would moisturise my hair, led to a massive disappoint. The scent of this doesn't is even worse; it doesn't smell nice and in fact smells a bit plasticky to me. It's lilac/lavender in colour which is pretty, but colour of the product doesn't mean anything if it doesn't do its job; unless its hair dye then colour obviously matter >.< It does keep your hair from going all brassy so I suppose it does something right. 

  • Shampoo: hair does lighten 
  • Not an overwhelming smell
  • Conditioner: tones hair to prevent it from going brassy
  • Shampoo: Dries out your hair
  • Conditioner: disgusting scent
  • Doesn't provide any moisture
Anyone else tried John Frieda products?