Saturday, 10 January 2015

Smart Beauty Smart Blonde High-Lift Hair Lightener & Platinum Blonde Conditioning Toner Review

So, this is the start of my hair transformation. I've always said how I'd never go blonde simply because I think it doesn't suit me, but I've decided to turn blonde this time with the initial purpose of just going lighter in order to get a brighter hair colour (same colour as my previous hair colour). The last time I bleached my hair, I used Bleach London's Total Bleach and it was extremely drying, not to mention it was very expensive and the smell just didn't cut it for me. Nevertheless, it still did the job. 

Savers - £2.99 - £3.99
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*Definitely get it from Savers, it's so much cheaper than Boots or Superdrug!
I thought I should opt for a cheaper alternative that still did the job, to which I stumbled across this when I went to Savers, and because I used their products before and it did a really good job, I bought it. The contents in the box is the same for any bleach except this includes a purple based toner. 

Hair before bleaching

Because my hair is quite long (boob length), I used up two boxes of bleach. However, if you're only touching up your roots, one box is sufficient.

Morning after
As you can tell, most of my hair is basically orange but it does work because look at how much it lifted my roots! Alhough in real life there were some parts that were actual blonde due to the pre bleaching I did ages ago. Also, my hair colour is horrendously uneven, because I never liked the complete flat one coloured look - I'm strange I know haha >.<

This doesn't have ANY ammonia or PPDs which is good because you won't get that horrible bleach smell that every other bleach has. This is also less damaging to your hair. I find that the bleach does sting my scalp a little but it's tolerable so don't worry too much about it, but I highly recommend those who have sensitive skin to do a strand test and an allergy test first! It's fairly straight forward, you mix the developer and bleach together and then voila, pop it on your hair and you're good :) 

The brush provided is basically useless so I used my hands or you can use an alternative brush if you find it easier to apply it that way. What I don't like about this is that my hair gets extremely tangled after applying and it's difficult to comb through, now I don't know whether that's just my hair or it's to do with the bleach. The toner included didn't smell too nice to me, it smelled a bit like glue and paint combined, but you can't really smell it unless you put it close to your face. I didn't feel like the toner did much to my hair after I bleached it but you might as well use it if its included. It does lighten your hair A LOT which is what it claimed to do so that's perfect!

I could've easily fixed this uneven brassiness by bleaching it once more to make it completely blonde but I'm impatient when coming to hair colour change so I just left it as that. Obviously I wasn't going to walk out the house looking like an orang-utan, so I'd prepared blonde dyes to go over it.

Overall, I had a great experience with this. It's inexpensive, easy to use/follow, does not contain ammonia or PPDs, doesn't dry out your hair as much, and most importantly lightens your hair up to 7 shades as it claims, what more can you ask for in a bleach product? I'd definitely repurchase this again if I decide to bleach my hair again and might even try their other colour products. 

Just to add as well, that every colour I've had my hair, have literally been experiments. I've never had a complete successful hair dying session where it turns out exactly how I want it, but it still manages to come out a decent colour that I'm happy with. I also get compliments from people, so meh I guess experimentation works too ;D

I'm very impressed by this product and hope you all do too :)