Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Superdrug Colour Performance Natural Medium Ash Blonde Review

Hair before
Because I'm lazy and impatient, I didn't bleach my hair a second time so some parts of my hair were still ginger/brown but that's okay I prefer the gradient effect in my hair rather than one flat colour anyway. I did the bleaching and hair dying in one day which isn't recommended because your hair needs rest but I needed to be somewhere the next day and I do not want to go out looking like an orange so I had no choice but to do both in the same day.

Again, I used two boxes of hair dye. I've thought about going blonde before but never really did anything about it but I knew if I did go blonde, I'd know what kind of blonde I'd go, not platinum but also not a very honey blonde either. So I opted for ash blonde, since I like ashy toned hair. I was on a budget (cause student life) so I literally went into Superdrug and tried to find a nice ash blonde colour that I liked and I cam across this and the swatches on the side seem promising as well, even for brunettes. Usually blonde hair dyes don't tend to come out on dark hair but this one it does so score! ^^
Superdrug - £4.29
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As usual, go through all the hair dying procedures including strand tests (I don't personally do this because I'm lazy), skin tests, wearing gloves, vaseline areas that would get hair dye on to. When applying hair dye, I tend to wait till my hair is slightly greasy so usually after a couple days I've washed my hair just so it'd create a barrier for your hair and the chemicals, so it isn't too damaging.

I left this on for about 40 minutes just because I wanted to ensure that my hair would actually take in the colour. The product didn't smell bad at all which surprised me, because I've smelled many before that smells disgusting! Upon opening the box, you can already smell the conditioner on from outside the tube and it honestly smells lovely! <3

The conditioner conditioned my hair really well, my hair after the bleaching and dying should be quite damaged at this point but the conditioner completely saved my hair. A lot of product was given so you can continue to use this as a conditioner even after you're done dying your hair. It smells lovely and gives your hair a bit of life back and feel more moisturised. Of course, you should continue to condition your hair and give it some mask treatment every week so it doesn't become too dry. But using this as a substitute for an everyday conditioner is perfect :) 

Outdoor daylight
This appears to be more of a honey blonde to me due to the ginger undertones that I was too lazy to get rid of, but overall it's an okay colour that I don't mind going out the house in. Although going over it again with some blonde should cover it, well I hope it does anyway. I'm always experimenting when it comes to my hair so what happens to my hair may not come out like this for you, but it should be something similar anyway.

Indoor daylight
This is my hair colour after 2 weeks and it still looks fairly decent, though I have indecisive thoughts about the gingery bits of my hair and being called "ginger" by my housemates *cries*. But yeah I'll most likely go over my hair in the same colour again and see if it makes any difference, it should lighten the ginger to a blonde but then the rest of my hair would be more blonde, but mehh better than having random ginger bits of hair :P 

Despite my dislike, my friends and surprisingly my MUM even likes the colour of this. Now that's shocking, because my mum usually criticises me whenever I dye my hair, either she says she dislikes the hair colour or I'm wasting money but hey you need to have a colour change once in a while right? >.<

I'm very happy with the result as it went the colour I wanted it to, well the blonde bits anyway, but overall for a first timer going blonde and getting this kind of result I personally think its quite impressive. The colour did come out like the box said so it's completely trustworthy! I didn't initially expect much because its Superdrug's own colour but after this experience I'd say I'd happily buy this again if I ever wanted to go blonde once more. The conditioner is very nourishing for the hair and definitely goes a long way. This hair dye is inexpensive and is on offer right now so go get it! Not only does the actual product not smell that bad but it leaves your hair smelling gorgeous as well so why not get a new hair colour for the new year? ^^

NOTE: When waiting for your hair to develop, make sure you're either in a warm enough room or are wrapping your head with cling film/plastic bag so that it develops faster, to ensure the right hair colour otherwise if its too cold not all of the colour will show up. 

I've received many compliments and have even been told to keep this hair colour ever since I dyed it so maybe I should? I might just keep this for a couple months and see how it goes since I've never gone blonde before, this should be a fun period for me before I start to get bored and want to go another colour again. Maybe blue or even bright red or back to my purple hair - I do miss my purple baby :( 

Have you guys had a new hair colour change for the new year? ^__^