Monday, 5 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

New Year New Me... 

What a load of bs that stupid people say due to not being able to accomplish what they wanted during their lifetime, and so come up with a stupid excuse like that. I personally think that if there's something you want to change about either yourself or your behaviour, it could be done whenever and not only at the start of a new year.

From 2009 - 2012, my "resolution" have always been the same as almost every girl out there - to be able to lose weight. Now, we all know making that resolution is literally pointless unless you're going to get up and do something about it and knowing me, fat chance of me doing anything because I'm just so lazy :P

So each year goes by, not only do I not lose weight but gain it instead, although 2013 gave me a massive weight loss due to personal reasons, to which I went into 2014 with a new body that I'm content with. It wasn't a healthy way to lose weight but I still managed it and that's what mattered to me at the time, not that I purposely tried to lose weight back then >.<

This year, I'm not going be stupid and make a resolution like losing weight, instead I'll actually think of something that I know i'm capable of changing and do. I have 4 resolutions that I want to keep this year. Actually not even for this year, I want to keep this for the near future as well.

1) To achieve a 1st or 2:1 degree pass by the end of my first year at uni

The grade I get this year doesn't count towards my final degree (all I need is to pass to get onto 2nd year), but I'd like to achieve something like that for my own sense of self achievement and motivation to carry on working hard, so I'd eventually end up with either of those degrees when I actually do finish university.

2) Spend less money on unnecessary things

For the first semester, I treated myself to a Michael Kors handbag and we all know for a student who's living out that that isn't a great idea, but I was crazy at the time and bought it upon impulse. I promised myself that I wouldn't do that again and would only spend money on food and experiences instead.

3) Focus more on myself 

My whole life has always been about other people due to my caring nature. I've learnt that nice people don't always end up getting positive rewards and will always come last in whatever they chose to do. It's unfortunate that I had to learn it the hard way of being selfless and being nice to people, however that will no longer happen. I'm not saying that I'll stop being selfless and nice to people, but I'll just be more careful on who I think deserve me to show that act of kindness and be nicer to myself.

4) Treat it like a game

I came across this quote on either Instagram or Twitter when I was scrolling down my phone one day and thought to myself, "hmm, that's quite useful in what I'm going through right now". You can take this quote in different ways, I took it as not taking life too seriously all the time (which I do quite often) because I'm young so why the hell do I need to take it so seriously all the time and torture myself with all the stress? Obviously, a bit of seriousness is needed when certain things crop up, but you also need to know when to have a bit of fun and not lose yourself in this disgusting world, who base your human value on grades, wealth, status and look down on people that show any signs of "weakness". So take a chill pill and be nice to yourself once in a while, cut yourself some slack because relaxing for one day won't make that much of a difference in all that serious work ^__^

What are your resolutions for the year? Are they self improvements or is it educational like mine?