Monday, 5 January 2015

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover (Max Strength) Review

As you can see I've decided to change my hair colour again. I've only just started my hair colouring journey last year and I'm already addicted - see what hair dye can do to you? Haha :P

But anyway, before I even think about dying my hair again, I'd need to strip the colours of my hair due to build up of dyes and bleach from previous processes. Therefore I picked the max strength one instead of the normal strength. My previous hair colour was a plum/burgundy red based colour and so would be very difficult to get rid of properly. Dying on top of that colour would literally be a waste of your money so I wouldn't recommend you to do that if you've got a darker colour deposited in your hair. However if it's a lighter colour, say a pastel pink/purple then go for it (obviously consider what colour the outcome would be). 
Bathroom & Indoor lighting
My roots grew out massively and basically looked horrible to me, but people have told me that it isn't that bad and some of them even liked the "growing out" effect. I guess the fact that I had a darker hair colour blended in with my virgin hair and so didn't look completely atrocious but I know for a fact that if I were to strip my hair, it would be absolutely disgusting. 

I was really indecisive upon what colour I want to go next so I just bought one box of one colour and another colour (going to mix them) from Schwarzkopf LIVE range in mystic violet and true purple. If you want to know how I got my hair colour before, check out my other reviews from the Schwarzkopf brand :) For now, I'll stay blonde until I know what colour I want my hair - probably deep blue or even pink. Although I heard blue is really hard to get out your hair =/
Stripping My Hair
Savers - About £2 - £3
Includes gloves & instructions
Warning to those who've not stripped the colour of their hair before that most hair colour removers will have a rotten egg smell to it, so make sure you're in a ventilated enough room, either have a fan on or open your windows. 

Okay, first thing's first, I strongly dislike the outside packaging of the bottles as I found it hard to open. It isn't like the conventional hair stuff with a screw on cap, instead it's just a piece of PVC kind of material wrapped around a plain bottle. Packaging never really bothers me as in appearance wise but trying to open the bottle was a pain in the ass. 

As the instructions say, you simply mix solution A with B and shake just like normal hair dyes and then apply it onto sections of coloured hair. A lot of my roots grew out, so I found that one box was sufficient for my hair, however I used two boxes just in case (my roots grew to about the top of my ear). 

The smell was definitely horrible but it was tolerable, however for those who are really bad at tolerating bad smells, I'd recommend you to use regular shampoo (not for coloured hair) and try to fade your hair colour as much as possible - takes longer but still works. I left it on my hair for 30 minutes with a plastic bag over my head to keep the moisture and heat in, whilst blow drying it so that it would process faster. After the processing time, simply rinse out your hair and use the after treatment provided so that your hair would be softer. 

The after treatment smelled like hand wash to me, but nevertheless it was still a pleasant smell that I wouldn't mind my hair smelling like that, although they could've picked a better fragrance. Your hair will smell like rotten eggs for the next day or so, however not as strong as it was when you applied the product onto your head since the after treatment takes out most of the smell. This is perfect as you can leave the house without having to smell like someone farted on your head multiple times, which I've read about many colour removers doing that for at least a few days! Though, the brassy orangey-ness will probably scare people away anyway lol >.< 

Air dried hair after colour stripping
Excuse the tiredness of my face, it was 3am and I'm in dire need of a haircut but I want my hair to grow longer before I cut it - see my dilemma? :( 

You can see here that the parts where I've had dyed hair have turned back to a ginger colour (colour strippers takes your hair back to the lightest shade it was). Wow, look at those roots! >.< 

But from this photo you can also tell that my hair colour was uneven (looks brighter closer to my face), this was due to my weird bleaching that I did when I wanted half of my hair ginger and the other half red. 

Overall, I had a great experience using this stripper, it definitely worked which is the most important component for ANY hair product. This was easy to use so its perfect for beginners, although there are instructions provided, the bottles themselves have instructions behind them so the instruction leaflet was basically pointless for this, but its pretty self explanatory anyway :) This didn't leave my hair feeling fried which is good considering it's a max strength. I'd have expected it to fry my hair but the after treatment did a really good job at preventing that. Not only that, but the amount of product given  in the after treatment was a lot. I used up the whole bottle, just because I felt like my hair needed extra conditioning. The pleasant smell of that just adds a bonus to my overall experience. This is my first experience with a colour stripper and I've had no problems whatsoever so I will be repurchasing this when I need to remove colour again. This is also an inexpensive product so perfect for those on a budget i.e. me due to student life.

Have you guys tried this before? Tell me about your experience and what you think of this ^^

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