Saturday, 6 September 2014

SmartBeauty Smart Colour Semi-permanent Dye Review

Heyy guys, I didn't dye my hair a different colour, but because I dyed my hair like 2 months ago, some dye have faded and I just wanted to restore some colour back into it :)
Hair before with no filter & indoor lighting + No makeup selfie  #darkcirclegamestrong

For this hair colour I used Schwartzkopf's Live XXL in the colour ultraviolet. I'll write a review about that in another post and maybe do a post on how I got this hair colour. 

So as I mentioned before I wasn't opting for a full colour change but just wanted to top up the colour I already had. I didn't really give a crap about what brand it is - I was having a lazy day and wanted to experiment with cheaper dyes because I is moving to uni in a couple weeks and girl needs to save >.< 

Because this was a cheap dye, I didn't really expect it to do much or even smell good but to my amazement, this dye can match up to the more known box dyes such as Schwartzkopf, Jerome Russell, L'Oreal etc. The only downside to this is the fact that it doesn't include a conditioner, but I'm fine with that because you could just use any conditioner to wash your hair - preferably for coloured hair duh :P
This is a semi permanent dye and obviously will wash out really quickly if you don't maintain it properly. It's very convenient as you don't need to mix anything, and you literally just put it in your hair like Manic Panic or Directions. However, you can't put this in for as long as you want like the previous two dyes I mentioned just now because it's not vegan. 

I couldn't detect any smell from the dye, so I guess its either the dye itself doesn't have a smell or my nose was blocked. So for those of you who don't like the horrible smell of dyes (me :P) and want temporary pinkish purple hair then definitely go for this dye. It's cheap, doesn't smell, requires minimal effort and lastly the most important thing - it actually dyes your hair lol :P

It comes in a tube so if you've got gloves that are like plasticky kind of material, it might be very difficult to squeeze the product out, so use latex gloves but if you can use the ones provided then go ahead. 

As you can see, my hair isn't very long but not very short either so one box of dye is sufficient. However the colour seemed very dark and I wanted a lighter colour so I mixed in conditioner. If you add in a lot of conditioner remember to rinse out your hair properly because otherwise whilst you have lovely coloured hair, greasy hair just never cuts it when you're out lololol :P Due to the addition of conditioner, to dye my whole head it only took half the product. 

Day after - room lighting with sun coming through, no filter

My hair the day after felt really soft and I couldn't stop running my fingers through my hair - good if you want greasy hair, so don't do this often if you want clean hair for longer :D The colour is evidently brighter than before and brightened up my hair, though it does look pinkish but I'm not too bothered so that's alright. I was quite worried that this would wash out really quickly like Manic Panic did, but a few weeks down the line the colour is still the same :)

Outdoors in direct sunlight - Only filter is the blur

Overall, my experience with this dye has been positive. There were no troubles using this dye, it didn't smell bad, didn't need me to mix anything (besides the conditioner), and of course actually dyed my hair. Though a friendly reminder, if you want vibrant coloured hair and naturally have really dark hair, then you'll need to bleach your hair before applying this dye. Otherwise, you'd only get a tint of colour and won't have a major difference. Obviously, if you want absolute pink hair you'll need to have blonde/yellow hair but as long as your hair is about 3/4 shades lighter than before, that should be fine to get a bright colour :)

You can buy this dye at Savers or the actual Smart Beauty site so good luck hunting for a new colour change :)

Have any of you tried this dye? Do you disagree with what I think? Let me know ^^