Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL HD Luminance - Ultraviolet L76 Review

Hair before in direct sunlight
Hi guys, so this is yet again another hair review from me. As you can see this is my hair colour before I dyed it. I got this in the colour ultraviolet since I liked the colour shown on the box. This dye is supposed to be for people who have darker hair so you don't have to have absolute blonde hair for this to take effect but you do still need your hair to be lighter (you'll know what I mean when you see the box). 
Hair after a few weeks in the sun
You can clearly see here that my hair isn't purple but more red, and I reckon it's because I dyed my hair when it was still ginger so some of that orangey undertone affected the colour. Well, it doesn't matter because I quite liked the colour that came out :)
Just like normal box dyes, this required you to mix the solutions together and the smell isn't pleasant but that's expected of hair dyes. If it's your first time dying your hair then don't worry there are instructions that are really helpful.

I didn't like the fact that this had a nozzle attached to the bottle, where you have to squeeze the product out onto your hair. I prefer dyes that allows me to just plop the hair dye on my head and job done. So this to me, was just an absolute disaster when I tried to dye my hair because I got it pretty much everywhere in the bathroom - believe me, my mother was not impressed >.<

Although the smell of the dye itself doesn't smell nice, the conditioner isn't as bad. Your hair after will feel so much smoother than before and definitely won't leave your hair smelling like the sewers or something lol :P

This is a permanent dye so it will fade within time just like any other dye. However this does not happen as fast and won't completely wash out, but probably become dull in colour. With the right maintenance you can keep rocking this hair colour for quite a long time. I've had this hair colour for about a couple months before I decided to top up the colour again. I didn't have to do that because my hair colour was still pretty bright before I dyed my hair again, but I couldn't resist :P If I didn't re-dye my hair, I believe it could've lasted for another month or two at least before I have to dye it again. 

Overall, this is a great dye to use if you don't plan to change your hair colour any time soon and want to save some monies ;D You could essentially save some hair dye by mixing some conditioner - tip for you all ;) 

Hope this was useful and don't be afraid to ask questions :)