Sunday, 10 August 2014

Haul #2

Hey peanut heads! Yup, it's another haul post just because I've been shopping quite a lot lately but hey, what girl doesn't like shopping? But yeahh, these are the things that I've bought and I'll provide links for you where possible from the actual store or if the item is no longer there or just simply not on the website, I can try to find any look a likes so everybody can be happy! ^__^

H&M - Top: Medium, Shorts: XS,  Dress: Size 10
  • Aztec Top - Unfortunately this is no longer available on the website and I failed to find any look a likes as well but I'm sure if you look carefully in certain stores you'd be able to find similar prints 
  • Sweatshirt shorts - Kind of gutted that these got reduced but meh. Great for workouts and you could literally just wear these as pyjamas and just fall asleep in them because they're that comfortable.
  • Cut-out dress - I love wearing floral in the summer because it just makes you look really girly. I want to feel girly at times since most of the time I can't be arsed to put in effort with how I look and so will look like I just came out of a cave or something. 
FOREVER21 - Vest top: Medium, Shorts: Size 27/UK Size 10
I've no idea why it looks green in these photos but they're definitely black
  • Vest top - Those who live in the UK would probably go to Primark when they need a staple basic top or cardigan but not anymore because you have FOREVER21.
  • Basic cuffed shorts - Great to pair with any top and for just £7, I think that's more than worth it. Another staple item to add to your wardrobe girls. These are also on the stretchy size so I should have got a smaller size but I was too lazy to go back and exchange. 
New Look - Size 8
  • Double Layer Chiffon Cami - Okay, so the picture online is pale pink but it's supposed to be neon pink according to the site. To me, it is a bright pink indeed but I wouldn't count it as neon and definitely isn't pale pink. Material wise, it's good to wear on a hot summer's day because it wouldn't stick to you and the colour itself is just great for summer :)
  • Strappy Back Ditsy Floral Cami - It's blue and that is my second favourite colour, plus the floral prints made it even better. This cami has got quite a low neck to it and I'm always self conscious about it because I'm not used to wearing stuff that have low necks, but if you are and have big boobies then go ahead and wear it. 
  • Lace Cami - I can't find this online either, sorry guys.
Primark - Tops: Size 8, Shorts: Size 10
  • Floral Chiffon Top - It's a shame that Primark don't have their own online website otherwise I believe everybody would be shopping on there. But if I remember correctly, the top was for £4? I do remember that it was for very cheap but then again almost everything in Primark is cheap >.<
  • Long Side Slit Top (?) - Not quite sure how to name it but it will have to suffice. So this is longggg like you could almost wear it as a dress with something underneath of course since its see through. It's sleeveless but the side's have really large slits like muscle tees and this was also for £4.
  • Denim Shorts - Just normal denim shorts for £5.
Schuh - Size 5
  • Nike Mid Suede Blazer - I normally wear size 5 shoes for trainers but these were still a bit loose on me, though it could be sorted out just from tightening the shoe laces. From where I bought them, only small sizes are left so if you're a tall person or just generally have big feet try looking at ASOS and OFFICE. These are actually so comfy to wear so I definitely recommend them to anyone if you're into trainers! I know I'll be buying more of these in the future in other colours. 
Urban Outfitters - Skirt: Medium
Can't find these on their website either but the skirt is a nice crochet pencil skirt, slightly see through but I'm not sure if that's my bum stretching it out or the skirt itself? Either way, wearing panties that match the skirt is a must, unless you're a hoe then urm yeah lol. The skirt was £30 and the beanie was for £12 I believe. 

Topshop - Medium
This is no longer available at Topshop but you can check out Vision Street Wear's official website to see if you can get it there. I've always wanted to own something from Vision Street Wear but had no clue where I could purchase something from and I didn't want to order it from the official site because the shipping costs a bomb. I wanted a looser fit so I opted for a medium. There was also a white T-shirt with the logo on which I was so tempted to get, however I remembered how much I had spent that day and thought the sensible thing to do is not to spend any more. 
Nivea Daily Essentials Hydration Primer Normal/Comb
  • Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer - I was actually on a hunt for a moisturising cream due to the humid weather we had for the past couple of weeks in England, which made my cheeks really dry. If it's relating moisture and skin and its pretty urgent, I usually go for either Nivea or No7 products because these products work miracles! My knowledge of a primer is that it creates a base or something before you put on your makeup so it stays for longer and glides on more smoothly - correct me in the comments if I'm wrong. This is a first time owning a face primer so I'll do a review soon since there's not many around on the interweb. I picked this because it works as a moisturiser plus a primer so I thought why not? This is also available for those who have dry & sensitive skin, this can also be bought at Boots and even in supermarkets where they have the health and beauty section. 
Superdrug Eyelash Curler
  • Superdrug Eyelash Curler - Just thought I'd get some eyelash curlers to get used to them. These are inexpensive and are great for first timers. 
That's it for today then. Let me know what your shopping experiences are like :)