Friday, 8 August 2014

MANIC PANIC (Purple Haze) Review

Hey guys! So this is probably like the third or fourth time I've dyed my hair. As you can tell from the title, I decided to go for purple because purple is a fun colour. Anyway, before I had purple hair my hair was half ginger half reddish brown - I'll attach a photo to let you guys know what I'm on about. I also had long thick hair before I decided to cut it and now I look like a lion or something like that. 

Hair colour before

I know my hair looks more black in this lighting but it's a reddish brown where the darker parts of my hair are.
Now, onto the purple transformation! So I bleached the rest of my hair which weren't already bleached. But won't the colour of your hair be uneven after dying it purple? Well, that's exactly what I was going for - I didn't want my hair to be a completely flat colour. After bleaching my hair, most of my head was ginger with parts where it was completely blonde. You can dye your hair straight after you've bleached it, I just chose to do it a couple days later. 

Manic Panic is a semi permanent dye that doesn't require you to mix anything. You literally just put it in your hair for as long as you want - even overnight :) I left mine in for 3 hours because I was too lazy to wash it out earlier >.<

My friends decided to plait my hair + hair in indoor lighting
Hair in daylight

I really liked the result I got, I mean its a nice vibrant colour that I've always wanted and the process wasn't difficult at all - spread it evenly onto your hair and leave it in for as long as you want. I even got quite a few compliments for the colour of my hair from my friends so that was great :)

The fact that it was unscented was even better, as those of you who've dyed your hair with box dyes will know that they usually have some kind of scent to it. However this didn't have any of that which is perfect because you won't have to worry about your hair smelling like poo. 

I liked how good my hair felt after washing the dye out - felt much smoother and softer. I don't know what they put in this dye but damn my hair felt amazing after it and this is without the conditioner or any hair mask treatments. 

A bad thing about this though is that it stains A LOT so make sure you're wearing something you don't mind getting dirty and wear Vaseline on places that you think dye will get onto. And definitely DON'T FORGET THE GLOVES! But should you get dye on your skin, use makeup/cleansing wipes and rub the crap out of your skin! 

The process of this was enjoyable, however when I washed my hair the second time which was probably a few days after I dyed it, virtually almost all the hair dye washed out which left my hair to be like a faded purple which still apparently looked nice according to other people. Unfortunately, the purple lasted for about a week max so its not likely that I'll buy this again. And yes I made sure to wash my hair with water as cold as possible as well as using shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. I've read reviews elsewhere where others have had the same problem so don't just assume Manic Panic is bad because although it didn't work as well for me, it did for others. Many people have given great reviews about it, claiming that they've got really good results from it which I must admit it did, but just didn't last as long for me as it did for other people. 

Money wise, because of the experience I had I don't think its worth the money. I bought mine from Blue Banana which was a bit pricey for hair dye but I'm sure it would be much cheaper if you buy it online. Although there are alternatives that you guys can opt for such as Directions and Crazy Colours which are much cheaper. Though depending on your hair length and thickness of your hair you may need to buy a few bottles/pots of these for even results, which means that the prices could add up to about the same so think about that before you buy anything and definitely read reviews! 

You can find this on Manic Panic or Blue Banana and there's always Ebay and Amazon so good luck with your hunting kids :) 

Overall, it was a great experience with using a hair dye that uses vegan formula. However, the after effects (?) of it just didn't cut it for me so its highly unlikely that I'll repurchase this, but if I ever do in the future I'd probably just use it for dip dying so when it washes out, at least not the whole of my head would look weird. I'd recommend that you should do a strand test first or try dying some extensions and see how they turn out when you wash it out to save you from wasting product, not to mention messing up your hair. But yeah, that's my experience with Manic Panic and if you guys have any questions about this let me know. Thanks for reading guys :)

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