Thursday, 14 August 2014

Haul #3

Heyy guys, I've been trying to stick to 3 days one post but I'm kind of off schedule due to results day and trying to sort out stuff for uni. Had to go through clearing but I still got into uni so everything is good and I'm happy ^__^ For those of you who are like me and didn't get into your firm or insurance choice don't fret, there's a solution for everyone. Remember that your grades don't determine your intelligence and if you know the reason why you didn't do as well as you thought you could, do something to change it and improve next time :)
Now, onto the actual blogging. Ryman's are doing great offers at the moment with their notebooks and stuff and I thought I'd stock up on some for uni. I love these refill pads as the paper quality is absolutely amazeballs (officially in the Oxford dictionary ;D). I'm not sure about you, but I'm really weird and like to feel the paper before I buy it. These refill pads are great if you like to do rough notes or so that's what I use them for. 

I also bought a blending brush as I was looking for some hairspray in Savers. I personally don't care what brand brushes are as long as they do their job and obviously don't hurt my skin with no bristles coming out of the brush and make it look like I have some hair growing on my eyelids or something. I mean, why pay loads for a stick with bristles if they all do the same thing? >.<
Adidas - Size: 5
Yup, I bought another pair of shoes because I just went mad shopping one time and now I'm just broke. These aren't as pink as it seems on the screen and these are actually really comfy. Just like Nike Blazers, they're really annoying to put on sometimes due to the top bit of the shoe but otherwise it's actually quite nice. These are Basket Profi Hi Tops so if you want you can search these up and results should come up on google. These were for £67 I think, I don't quite remember but they were around the 60's and 70's. 
Ralph Lauren - Size: 10
I bought this and a blue and white striped jumper. So yeah, these costed a bomb and literally broke my bank but was well worth it. These feel ultra comfortable as expected from designer brands but I bought them in the wrong size so they're slightly big, but I'll just wear them as a looser fit. Can't find the blue and white striped jumper that I had but will attach a photo once I take another photo. 
TOPMAN - Size: Medium
A normal maroon plain hoodie that I wanted for ages - got it in men's size for a more snuggly fit. You can literally get these hoodies from anywhere, but I love TOPMAN clothes so woop! Obviously pick one that is comfortable for you. Don't do a me where I've once bought a plain hoodie from Criminal Damage for like £40 >.<
SuperDry - Size: XS
I loveeee SuperDry, so I thought I had to just get something from there when I went shopping. I didn't see much that I wanted from there, so I just picked up this checkered shirt and a plain navy jumper. I got a guy jumper because they are so much comfier. I prefer wearing guys clothes because as I said they're comfy and have a baggier feel which I think is quite cute :P 

Thanks for reading ^__^

EDIT: My pictures somehow is coming up to be unavailable for view so I'll just have to find pictures of these online.