Monday, 25 August 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Review

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick Hot Pepper 3
03 - Hot Pepper
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Hey guys, so I assume this is a fairly new product in the UK as it was highly advertised in the Bourjois section when I went into Superdrug. To me, the packaging of this seems like it was some kind of lip gloss and I hateeeee lip gloss. I just don't see the need of it because when I used it in the past, they all seemed to be too sticky for me - yes, even the high end ones. So if I wanted to have a more shinier finish to my lips I just simply apply a bit of Vaseline or some kind of lip balm and pop on my lipstick then BAM you're done - moisturised and pretty lips, win win if you ask me ;) 

This was advertised claiming to give a "velvet" finish but I opened the bottle and saw a liquid formula. "Is this really going to give me a matte finish like the picture is showing?" - I thought to myself when I picked it up. I really liked the shade of red, so I went ahead and swatched it onto my hand and just like the picture below, it indeed looked like a lip gloss. But once I wiped a bit of it off my hand it immediately turned into a matte red and even made that part of my hand feel really smooth - like "velvet". 

What I like about this lipstick is that you can build on the colour, so what I mean is you can achieve a simple tint of red/pink for an everyday look or a bright bold red if you're going to a fancy party. You can even feel the velveteyness when you're rubbing your lips together which just makes it fun for me - I'm weird, don't judge >.< The application of this is really easy and you also get better precision when trying to fill in your lips unlike a normal lipstick - has a brush that looks like a lip gloss brush (hence why I thought it was lip gloss at first). I find that this is also very long lasting as I can last a whole day without having to reapply, even if you've been eating and drinking - this sticks to you like a baby sticks to their mother (bad comparison but mehh >.<). Another great thing is that this lipstick offers many different colours so there's one that works for everyone ^__^ Plus, Superdrug are doing their 3 for 2 on Bourjois cosmetics so bargain! I believe they are also doing offers on their other cosmetics and skincare stuff as well so check those out too. 

However, I find that my lips feel quite dry after a while, now I don't know whether that is because of the lipstick or my lips are already dry or even if it's just me being paranoid that my lips are dry. I've tried using this with Vaseline as a base and it works just fine and like normal, you get  a shiny finish to it, not too shiny that your lips are like bling bling but you know what I mean :D For a drustore lipstick, it isn't as cheap as the other brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline but for the quality of it and benefits you get, I think it's worth the money. Definitely will buy more of these before I go to uni and you can get this here and here
Wearing the lipstick with no filter
Have you tried this yet? What are your thoughts on it? Thanks for reading peanut heads ^__^