Wednesday, 16 September 2015

LUSH Twilight Ballistic Bath Bomb Review

LUSH: £3.35
Long day, sleep deprived and tense shoulders, what more could you ask for than a nice hot bath? I don't tend to use these bath bombs unless I'm in the state that I just mentioned >.<

Twilight is supposed to induce sleep, so for you insomniacs this might be worth a try ;D Because this is to help you sleep, many ingredients included are for smelling purposes to calm the mind rather than for conditioning the skin. Nevertheless, the essential oils included helps with the moisturising anyway so win-win ^^ Lavendar and Ylang Ylang oils as well as Tonka are just a few of them.

Moon and stars engraved in this ball of pink and white goes well with the name it's being given, however it would make more sense to make it a deep purple/midnight blue colour to make it even more fitting right? Anyway, I found this to be softer than the Butterball one in terms of texture and not as powdery. The one that I picked up cracked and surprised me with a bright blue centre hidden under the starry pink. Now it really does look like cotton candy rather than "twilight" >.<

This fizzed less and took a lot longer to completely dissolve. Unfortunately my camera didn't pick up the pale pink lurking in the background which appeared before the blue. Twilight quickly starts to create a white blanket over the water and more colour seeps out. I enjoyed watching the process of this whilst it transitions from a sakura pink to pink-purple to finally deep purple as the vivid sky blue mixes - now it fits its name ;) Honestly these pictures don't do this any justice because the purple was a lot brighter. The white blanket disappears after you soak in it for a little while.

The effects of the ingredients can immediately be felt as your skin becomes smooth. As if the bath bomb didn't already give me enough surprises, there's glitter in this! Yup, glitter and the deep purple colour made me feel so majestic and mysterious like a unicorn! <3 Some glitter sticks onto your skin giving it some glow but for some this isn't something they'd want. I didn't particularly mind the glitter as it was minimal.

The deep sensual scent relaxed my body well, so well that I almost fell asleep in the bathtub - really helps you sleep >.< I prefer this smell compared to the Butterball; subtle but the smell does linger around for a little while. Although as mentioned before, this doesn't provide a lot of moisturising effects but there is still some so I'd recommend to apply some moisturiser afterwards.

Please note that the glitter does settle to the bottom of the tub as well as the sides so make sure to wash it down :) I'm not sure about you but I don't pick bath bombs by how they smell because for some reason they all smell the same to me when I'm at the store, but completely different when I put it in the bath O.o

  • Induces sleep
  • Changes water into different colours
  • Leaves you in a calm and relaxed state 
  • Refreshes the skin keeping it smooth and soft
  • Subtle fragrance
  • Might not be available in some countries
  • Glitter sticking to bathtub

Let me know which one I should try next if you've tried LUSH bath bombs before, if not share with me what products you use to keep your body moisturised :)