Friday, 11 September 2015

London Bound Summer 2015

Covent Garden

Umbreon is too big for my head wehhhh T__T Anyway, the most exciting thing I did during summer was probably going to London - I went three times and these would just be a compilation of them all >.< Besides shopping, I did manage to go sightsee and being a tourist but I can't upload everything onto here which is a shame, so instead of boring you all with like buildings and stuff (I personally quite like architecture & art), I'll try and upload the "fun" things :)

My love for sushi is as big as it is for unicorns, I mean I could eat this everyday! It's so much cheaper for sushi in London than it is here - well, if you go to Wasabi anyway :)

Covent Garden - Whittard
I'm a big tea drinker so I went into Whittard and saw this - very artsy and pretty especially with the shadows casting on it.


My friend told me about Harrods and how it's absolutely huge, she didn't tell me that this big boy here was included as well >.< I've heard a lot about Ladureé's macarons and I was tempted to buy them because of their pretty good looks but I wouldn't be able to finish them so I didn't :( Sorry, but I've never seen a bathroom looking so niceeee~ Yeah that's my friend to the right - dat booty doe ;P

M&M World


Camden was probably my fav place to visit, I love the artistic walls that they had above the shops and I dunno I just really loved the colourfulness and creativity there >.< 

Rainforest Café
I actually felt like I was in a jungle, but I didn't expect it to actually have a restaurant inside since it looked like a normal toy shop. Let's just say my brother stayed in there a bit too long for his age haha - he's 17 ;P

I've only ever had frozen yoghurt in two places - Meecha (B'ham) and SNOG and hands down SNOG is my fav because it actually tastes like yoghurt lol. If anyone knows any other places for frozen yoghurt or dessert in general, let me know pls!

I can't remember what this store was called but it's right next to Tokyo Toys in the Trocadero Shopping Centre :) It was sooo cute with so many plushies, posters and little things sold, girls definitely won't be able to resist! It's like another TokyoToys literally. There was a huge Totoro and I was gonna bring it home but like I'm poor you see T__T

Umbreon didn't fit on my head - it was too big T__T Still feeling cute tho ;)

Tokyo Toys
Thought I'd leave you guys something funny to laugh at haha ;P That marks the end of my long image heavy post but I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos ^^

What did you do this summer?