Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Pantene Pro-V Nutri-Plus 2Min Intensive Repair Conditioner Review

Gift from cousin
This was part of my uni depart gift from my cousin which turned out to be of great use. I can't seem to find it from Superdrug or Boots for those in the UK but it can be found on Ebay and Savers might have them since they usually have a lot of stuff that has been discontinued.

  • Temporary conditioning benefits
  • Helps repair 2 months of damage in 2 minutes
  • Helps lock in moisture deep down
  • Helps protect hair from future styling damage
  • For very damaged hair

As it's from Pantene you can expect it to smell absolutely amazing. Pantene products have always done my hair justice so I didn't doubt that this would also be beneficial to my hair, however what I did doubt were some of the claims being made e.g. repairing 2 months of damaged hair in 2 minutes.

Yes my hair did feel a lot smoother after using this but the effects were only temporary and only lasted for about a couple of days - no where on par with my Vo5 conditioner or the after treatment masks from Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL. 

I do admit that if you have really damaged hair then this will help you but not very much and I would advise you to use something better. I don't think this actually helps to protect your hair from future styling damage, so you'd still need to use some kind of heat protector; spray type or cream type. 

This is very cheap as well so good for those who are on a budget and don't want to spend loads on hair. I'd still recommend for a better conditioner but if you're short on time and need to be at an event and don't want dry frizzy hair, then investing in this would help give you that temporary moisture that you need for that special day. 

Thanks for reading :)