Saturday, 21 February 2015

GEO Magic Colour Circle Lenses Review - Fresh Grey

This is my first post on circles lenses as this is my first pair ever. I've wanted a pair of lenses since a few years ago but never bought them due to my mother saying no and the fact that I thought they'd mess up my eyes if I weren't a glasses wearer in the first place. Of course, I went to do more research on circle lenses and have advanced my knowledge about them and here I am with them.

I've had these since December so a good two months now and so I decided to share my experience with you :)

Yesstyle - £13 - £14
As you can see, I purchased these from Yesstyle. Now, you can find GEO lenses pretty much on any circle lens website as they're very popular, however finding cheaper ones is another story but they're pretty much the same price everywhere anyway. 

For my first pair of lenses I decided to buy it from a place that I'm familiar with, where shipping prices are free over £20 (UK) and tracking is provided from Yesstyle and since I've purchased products from here before, I am certain that I'd get my products not only on time but to arrive safely as well. Their service is really good; if there are any problems, simply email them and they would reply very quickly. The lens case comes free with these lenses which I find good as you wouldn't have to buy some in addition to this. However contact solution isn't provided so this would need to be bought to clean and store your lenses.

Indoor lighting
It comes in two mini bottles with lenses in some kind of solution*. It is very secure in that there's a vial around the top to ensure the product stays in. This is made out of steel so it's sturdy, but you also need to be very careful when trying to open it.

* This isn't solution to care for your lenses so please don't use them for it

The photos doesn't show the actual colour of the lenses when they're on your eyes - they're lighter in real life. Although it's lighter in person, it's not that light to the point where it screams scary so rest assured. However, it is darker than the colour shown in pictures, but obviously colour displays of your PC/laptop will have some affect as well as the model's natural eye colour. The colour of your eyes will affect how your lenses look on you - the darker your natural eye colour, the darker the lenses will look in either indoor or outdoor lighting. Of course, the colour/pattern of your lenses will become more apparent in actual daylight. I bought mine in the colour grey, therefore it will look almost like I have black eyes in darker lighting. I've read reviews beforehand and was already informed that these do look darker than the pictures so it didn't come as a surprise.

Natural Daylight
These are 14.2mm in diameters; whilst enlarging your eyes slightly it isn't uncomfortable for your eyes especially if you're a first time wearer. I've had many compliments from my friends saying they look really nice on me as well as it being natural. Most of the time, they don't even realise that I'm wearing them unless they're sitting like right next to me :) 

I can't stress how comfortable these are on my eyes; it doesn't feel like I'm wearing lenses at all! The recommended time to take your lenses out is maximum 8 hours of wearing. However I feel like I can wear these for longer than that without my eyes feeling or have my vision going funny. In addition to that, it's not drying to my eyes as I never find the need to put eye drops. 

GEO has an authentication system where you can check if it's the real thing by typing in a code found on the bottles. Make sure that wherever you're buying these that it says it is authentic and obviously when you get your product, ensure that you do not open them until you've checked that they're real. 

You can either buy these from Yesstyle (where I got mine), or from PinkyParadise (charge for shipping), eye candy's, geocolouredlenses. 

Hope you have a good day ^__^