Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm Review

Colour: Drive Me Nude
I've been trying to find a nude colour lipstick for ages but have never really found the right shade or consistency, but I finally came across this and was literally over the moon.

It's in the shape of a fat pencil with an easy grip and a twisted bottom like a lipstick would. I dislike how the lid is basically like a pen lid and product can get on to the sides very easily. The actual product itself is literally like a crayon where it's pointy, so unlike lipsticks they're not slanted to one side to fit the natural mouth shape. I find this very unpractical as it's more difficult to apply that way, but another reason why I don't like it's shape is the fact that with due time the shape it originally was like would just become like a blunt pencil and look ridiculous. I have OCD with trying to make products looking neat even after I've used them.

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The colour is supposed to be nude i.e. the natural shade of your lips. Although I find that sometimes it can turn a bit pinkish but that doesn't bother me too much, if anything it give my face a bit of colour and not so dead lol. I find that this does match the colour of my lips making them look really natural and the fact that it gives your lips a matte look is a bonus. Those who've read my posts before will know that I hate lip gloss due to its watery looking sticky consistency, but this can be used on its own to give you matte lips but with a bit of Vaseline under it, it will provide a nice sheer shine. This is supposed to be a lip balm, but for me the moisturising effects isn't enough as I find that my lips actually feel dry even after applying it if I were to not apply Vaseline beforehand. Therefore I only see this as a lipstick and not a lip balm, if you're looking for something more moisturising, I'd suggest you try Maybelline's Baby Lips or other lipstick's that are meant for moisture such as No7's moisture drench line or Revlon's lip butter.

Unlike most girls, I don't own a lot of makeup even though I've started to wear makeup since I was 16, although my collection is growing - mainly lipsticks >.< I hardly wear makeup; in a week I'd wear makeup probably twice, and that's because I'm too lazy half the time to make myself look nice. But, I've got a few lipsticks that I really like and have really nice scents. Some smell like cake to me, others just smell like plastic and very artificial, however this product smells of white chocolate! Yes, you read that right - WHITE CHOCOLATE! It smells absolutely gorgeous, and what's even better is that others don't need to be within kissing distance in order to smell it off you (or so that's what I've been told).

Overall I believe this lipstick is a great choice for daily wear wherever you're going; either for a day out with friends or boyfriend or even to a party. Natural is always good; girls don't need to slap on the makeup just so they'd feel comfortable. Of course feeling confident is good but being so insecure about yourself that you need to put so much makeup on when you're naturally pretty isn't wrong but isn't right either. This is also very long lasting as I don't feel the need to reapply like every hour.

  • Nice scent - white chocolate
  • Long lasting
  • Natural look
  • Matte lips
  • Travel friendly - lid doesn't come off that easily
  • Can be expensive for the amount of product that you get
  • Not moisturising enough
  • Product can get onto lid very easily
  • Not enough product
  • Shape is unpractical 
Have you guys tried this before? Or tried out any other moisturising lipsticks?