Saturday, 28 February 2015

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm Review

Boots: £18

You can never have too many BB creams and I'm a collector of them. I like to try out different BB creams as personally I think we should alternate between products sometimes in order to see the difference in our skin. Of course I try out many others just because I either really like the packaging or I just simply like to try new things :)

From my knowledge; there seems to be 4 different types of BB creams from Dr. Jart+ and these do not mean they are different shades as I believe there are only one shade for each of these. All of these have different purposes and are better suited to certain skin types. 

The Types
  • Water Fuse SPF 25 - "ideal for those aged 20-35s with a soft application which gives natural, fresh looking skin and controls sebum production."
  • Regenerating SPF30 - "Provides strong coverage for redness and spots which won't rub off as easily as traditional cosmetics. Skin will look brighter, whilst still suitable for problem and sensitive skin. Particularly suitable for those between 20 and 35."
  • Platinum SPF30 - "Provides high coverage in a light application. The moisturising lotion is particularly suitable for those in their 30s"
  • Premium SPF40 - "Provides high SPF40 protection with anti-oxidants. A slightly glossy, low coverage cream which helps fight ageing. Particularly suitable for those over 30."
I got the water fuse one; simply because it's the cheapest out of the four, suitable for my age (sort of) and my skin type. The others are for more older women/men who may have more skin problems due to the human nature. I have combination skin therefore "sebum production" will occur some parts of my face - t-zone area, which is good as it will control the oils that are present. This is one of the more expensive BB creams out there and is definitely the most expensive one I own. I've heard a lot about Dr. Jart+'s BB creams where most were good reviews so i decided to try it out; although the experience I had with this isn't so good as to how others viewed it.

"Flawless skin instantly with all-in-one multi-functional water fuse beauty balm. Water fuse BB's natural looking coverage evens skin tone and minimises the appearance of imperfections. Advanced water bead technology helps hydrate and maintain moisture for a dewy fresh look. Oil free and minimises the need to   for foundation or concealer. Added sunscreen protection for simple, balanced, one-step skin care coverage."


It's a travel friendly; small/medium sized metallic turquoise coloured tube which gives off a sophisticated look without all the complications of other BB cream packaging. However the fact that there's no pump to it makes it difficult to control the amount of product that comes out. 

Just like most BB creams, it comes out darker and then oxidises to match your skin tone. Although, my hands are much lighter than my face and so it seems darker on my skin, however it matches perfectly when applied onto my face. In comparison to the other BB creams I own, this is definitely the most watery; but I don't see any "water beads". This has a hint of a flowery scent which is not overwhelming at all; in fact it is quite calming.

For a watery BB, yes it does provide a dewy look but for me it's too much that it appears like I have a greasy face. Now don't get me wrong, I do like dewiness but I prefer semi dewy as I dislike my face too look completely matte and plastic but I also hate to have a greasy looking face. I don't find this heavy on my skin at all in comparison to my other BB's due to it's watery formula.

It does a good job with evening out my skin tone leaving just a slight grey cast to my face although not noticeable if you've got the right skin tone for it. Pores are immediately illuminated and become less apparent. Hydration wise,  I don't feel like this makes any difference and that my skin's hydration is in no way related to this BB cream; rather it's my skincare routine that helps.

For an oil free product, it doesn't do the job as it makes my face look more oilier than usual. Even touching my face will feel sticky and greasy. As for not having the need to apply foundation or concealer, I can't speak for that claim as I either apply foundation or BB cream; some people like to mix both to either achieve another shade or wanting to give their skin some good benefits but also want to apply foundation. I don't usually apply concealer anyway unless I have bad spots or really bad dark circles.

This is better for summer as it's not as thick and therefore won't feel as heavy; I mean who'd want something heavy on their face when they're all sweaty and horrible in the summer. If anything, you'd want to put less makeup on so that it doesn't all melt on your face in the heat. But since I find that this is quite oily-looking on my face, I'd most likely use it during winter where temperatures are much lower.

Overall, I wouldn't repurchase this again due to the most obvious reason - cost of the product. I haven't had a nice experience with this BB, neither did I notice much change in my skin; it's more of a makeup purpose - alternative to foundation. I personally just don't think the oiliness of my face after applying this is worth the money that I have to pay. 

  • Travel friendly
  • Water based - less creamy and thick
  • Good for beginners experimenting with BB creams & don't know which shade to go for
  • Long lasting - takes ages to use up
  • Staying power is that good - will need to reapply within 3-4 hours
  • Packaging - tube form so can get messy
  • Expensive
  • Sticky on your face
  • Light coverage
  • One shade
  • Makes face shiny after applying