Monday, 19 January 2015

NIVEA Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer Review

Boots - £2.49
Being a resident in England means constant cold, windy weathers for 3/4 of the year, meaning we constantly will need to moisturise our skin so that we're not getting dry patches or irritated skin. 

I was looking for a face primer one time and came across this product which claims to also act as a moisturiser on its own. I got this in normal/combination because that is my skin type and honestly upon opening the lid, the smell of it already gave me a good vibe to the product. I'm not usually too keen on face products with fragrance in it, simply because I feel like a lot of chemicals have been put into it that would mess up my skin. I don't have sensitive skin but that's my paranoia with fragranced products. 
Moisturising Effects 
As with all NIVEA products, they all have a lovely smell and they're know for their moisturising stuff too. I mean their in shower body moisturiser has been my love ever when they first introduced this to the public by giving out samples, to which I used immediately and it's like the best moisturiser ever!!! Anyway, I'm going off topic. Back to what I was talking about, this primer definitely works just as well as a moisturiser on its own. It's moisturising effect is I' say 8/10 which is really good as for me, it's extremely hard to find moisturisers that works well with my skin. It leaves my skin smooth and supple. For a little pot like this, it definitely goes a long way. I've had this for 6 months now and it's not even half empty yet so great for the winter, not to mention its inexpensive as well. The swatch above shows its not so thick consistency meaning it's light on the skin so you do not feel greasy during the day. 

However, the tub itself although small and compact, it's made of glass and so isn't very travel friendly. I dislike it when my products go all over the top of the lid because it gets really messy and this is one of those products that has the possibility to do that. 

Overall, I'd repurchase this again when I've ran out of moisturiser as its inexpensive, highly moisturising and smells good. This is definitely one out of two moisturisers that I will always repurchase due to its great moisturising effect. Though not travel friendly, you can also buy another moisturiser that's just as good that I use which is the Garnier Moisture Match Softening Cream. Using this primer alongside the Garnier moisturiser will double the moisture for a very cold day yet wouldn't make your skin feel greasy at all. These will forever be my go to moisturisers whenever I run out. 

Priming Effects
As a primer, I haven't noticed any major difference in staying power of my foundation/BB creams. I admit that it does enable your makeup to glide on more smoothly and doesn't leave patchy bits on your skin. However, I've never really had big issues with patchy skin as my skin isn't bad in the first place, jus the occasional dryness and break outs. So like I said, it doesn't do much of a primer's job as I found no difference in how long my makeup stayed on my face. I don't reapply makeup when I'm out unless it's lipstick, so this made no difference whatsoever. I think this is a great moisturiser but not good for a primer.

Overall, I'd still repurchase this item when my moisturiser runs out but only to use for its moisturising effect. As for a primer, I suppose I'd need to look around for reviews and invest a new one.

Do you guys have any recommendations for me?

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